Forestry Games offers really simple licensing options to cover every usage:

Prices are different for each game. Visit our game shop to see prices of the games.

  • Standard License can be use only in one project. 1 License per each project.
    (e.g. “use on 1 website or app”)
  • Extended License can be use in 10 projects. 1 License for 10 projects.
    (e.g. “use on 10 websites or apps”)
  • Premium License can be use in unlimited projects. 1 License for infinite projects.
    (e.g. “use on unlimited websites or apps”)

You cannot charge your client for your services to create an end product, under the Standard License.  An Extended or Premium License is required if the end user pay to use the end product. You can place ads on the games in Standard License if you want to generate revenue from the games.

All our games are covered by our Standard Licenses. If your end product including the game is going to be free to the end user then a Standard License is what you need.

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