About the Game

Ben 10 Omnicode 

Ben 10 Omnicode is a serious game created to promote coding and programming. Instead of just fighting and battling enemies physically, this time Ben is tasked with using his coding brain to complete a series of 28 levels through three different themes.

As well as teaching children code structure using visual modules that you can drag together to plug and play code, you discover variables, loops as many other programming methods.

To complete the levels you also need to use your omnitrix to transform into different Ben 10 aliens and use their unique abilities to overcome physical obstacles in the game such as fire, acid pits, traps, water among others.

The game is created using three.js bringing the characters to life using Spine. This combination results in a mix of 3D environments and 2D animated characters. Levels can therefore be viewed from different angles to help the user work out the best strategy to complete each level. It also means we can rotated the camera view in the game whilst still keeping the characters facing the camera.

The game is also designed to work in 9 different languages to ensure the widest audience possible can play the game and learn to code computers.